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The Need for Contracts
The Collie Club of America strongly urges all members to use contracts when they sell or place puppies. These contracts are intended to be templates or samples for our members use. Contracts are the paperwork cornerstones of both a puppy's future and future puppies. Sound puppy/dog sales contracts and stud dog contracts can make a tremendous difference in the futures of dogs and the futures of the relationships between their people. It is a good idea, therefore, to review your contract formats and to incorporate constructive changes at regular intervals.

The contract process is based on creating understanding between individuals and on assuring the long-term, indeed, lifelong, well-being of the dog(s). The contract must detail the responsibilities of each party while anticipating anything that might occur in the future that could change the status of the dog(s). The document needs to be comprehensive, while at the same time, relatively simple. It needs to be solid in its intent and format but flexible enough to reflect the needs of the individual parties involved. A good contract is, in other words, a piece of art in its own right.

These contracts can be downloaded and edited to include kennel names etc. We encourage everyone using these contracts to keep the basic elements of responsible breeding in the content. We have also included a Health Record and Medical Information form and an Additional Information form about Collies. We feel it is important for the new collie owner to have as much information about our breed and their puppy that their breeder can provide for them. The use of contracts protects the buyer and protects the breeder, but most importantly, it protects the collie. That should be the first and foremost concern for all of us.


All documents are in Microsoft Word format.

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