Club History
The Collie Club of America, Inc. was formed on August 26, 1886, which makes it one of the oldest specialty clubs in existence. The original club objective was "the encouragement and improvement of the breed of Collies." Along with a club Constitution and By-Laws came the first official Collie Standard, describing "The description of the true-type Collie as adopted by the club."

Much has changed in the club's hundred plus years of existence, but the main objectives remain the same. The club has grown from a mere 50 members to the 1,970 members of today. The first official Sweepstakes was held in 1887 and the first national specialty show was held in 1894. The club's Centennial celebration was held in 1986.

The club has a long and impressive history, having evolved over the years into an organization that services the needs of many; the breeder, the exhibitor, obedience, herding, tracking, service, agility, versatility and the working Collie. This is an addition to publishing a club Bulletin, an annual Yearbook, Seminars and the dissemination of health information. It has a rich and interesting history. More information can be found in the club book "The Collie Club of America, Inc., 1886-1965"

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