Junior Showmanship

The mission of the CCA Junior Showmanship Program is to create well rounded individuals whose showmanship skills are enhanced by a sense of sportsmanship and fair play with a more important emphasis on obtaining a solid educational foundation.

It is the goal of the Collie Club of America Junior Showmanship program to cultivate a lifelong love of collies while nurturing a balance between education, showmanship, sportsmanship, and safety.

At the National

At each National we provide a junior gathering and educational meeting where young enthusiasts learn more about junior showmanship, make new friends, and renew old friendships.

We also provide a ringside handling opportunity/clinic after breed judging. Children bring a dog, some bait and are mentored and guided by former juniors. Dress is casual. Both events are free. Additionally, the top ten juniors are invited to participate in the Collie Club of America Invitational evening.

Official CCA Junior Showmanship
Points Counts

Tabulating AKC Junior Showmanship Points:

AKC Junior showmanship points will be tallied annually with the year beginning on January 1st and ending on December 31st. One point will be counted per each junior defeated; this does not include the junior themselves. Points may be gained from placements at all breed and specialty shows. All points must be earned with the junior handling a collie.

Excluded from the point count are limited and invitational junior competitions. For our purposes, these events include Westminster, Eukanuba Invitational, and individual state/regional competitions. Showmanship points will be posted bi-monthly in the CCA Newsletter and again the CCA Bulletin.

CCA Top Junior Expectations:

  • Juniors are expected to keep and maintain personal tabulation of their shows attended and points earned records.
  • Any discrepancy noted from the posted tabulation must be reported to the CCA affiliate tabulators within two weeks of its posting.
  • Juniors are responsible for submitting their name, address, email, and a phone number to the official CCA Junior Showmanship tabulators as listed in the Newsletter, Bulletin and web site.

Showmanship Tabulators:
Patt Caldwell -- pcaldwel@gmail.com
Assistance from Allyson Caldwell

Fail Safe Your Count

To ensure your tabulations are correct:

  1. Use the show catalog to mark absentees from the entire showmanship competition. Check this against the judge's pages located at the Superintendents table before you leave each show.
  2. Use a cell phone to take a picture of the Superintendent's pages.
  3. Develop a spread sheet and utilize the automatic tabulation icon in the menu bar to keep a running record of your points.
  4. Check AKC show results to verify points listed.

To Access the AKC Show results:

Google AKC show results OR go to http://www.akc.org/events/search/

Look at the calendar bar; select the correct month and year. Next look on the specific date of the show you attended. Scroll to the very bottom of the show results. Junior showmanship will be listed. Please note the listings of "Number of Entries" and "Numbers of Competitors." These numbers are not always the same. You will use the number of competitors since it reflects the juniors actually in attendance at the show. You must also double check with the judge's book to verify this number. Occasionally a junior will pick up an arm band and will be caught up in a breed conflict and/or does not return to the ring. Always fail safe your count!

Best Junior:

If you are Best Junior, you must only count the "Number of Competitors" since this number reflects the actual of juniors at the show. Remember to subtract yourself from this number. For Example: If there are 25 total competitors and you win Best Junior, you earned 24 showmanship points.

Class Placements:

If you place in a class, the process is similar. Click on the class in which you placed. Count only the number of juniors that you defeated. For example: If there are 14 juniors in your class and you placed 4th, you earned 10 showmanship points.

Junior showmanship is an invaluable experience for the young enthusiast. Be part of it!

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