2018 CCA Facebook Futurity (or, the My Puppy Is Better Than Your Puppy Facebook Contest)!

Let’s have some fun AND raise some money for the 2018 CCA!

This contest is open to all COLLIE puppies whelped between 9/28/2016 and 9/28/2017.

Half of the total pool will be retained by the 2018 CCA Show Fund, while the other half will be awarded to the eligible puppy winning the highest placement in conformation classes at the 2018 CCA. In cases of ties or multiple equal awards, the pool will be split amongst the tying awardees. There will be no discrimination within variety - winner take all! Best of Winners in a variety will take precedence over Winners in the other variety.

Eligible litters and nominees status will be maintained and periodically reported on Facebook to help generate and maintain interest. We would love to see monthly photos of all the nominated puppies posted to our CCA 2018 Puppy Futurity page!

Already know that you or your puppy can’t attend the CCA? Don’t worry, we have a contest for you, too! Nominate them the same, continue with your monthly $5.00 per pup to stay in the game, and publish photos of nominated puppies on our FB page monthly. When you sign up, you’ll be assigned a digital armband number to use! The winner of the Stay At Home Facebook Futurity will be awarded on the number of
“likes” your final puppy picture generates on Facebook, through midnight March 31, 2018. Again, half of the money collected will go to the CCA Show Account, and the other half awarded to the winner. Should something unforeseeable happen and you have entered the SHOW CCA Futurity, but then cannot attend, you can switch your puppy to the Stay At Home Futurity. Seriously, we’ll take your money any way we can….

Play along with us!

For this contest purpose, the ranking of awards will be:

Best Of Breed (duh…)
Best of Opposite Sex to Best Of Breed
Best of Variety
Best of Opposite Sex to Best Of Variety
Award Of Merit
Best Of Winners
Reserve Winners
First through Fourth in class

All payments will be made via PayPal


My puppy(ies) is(are) still beautiful - please keep my nominations active!
I'm paying my $5 February payment or full balance of $10 below.

Deadline for monthly payments - 15th of the month. Last payment due March 15, 2018.
Missed payments will eliminate your puppy from competition. No exceptions.

Puppies kept eligible and not attending CCA can compete in the Stay At Home Contest.
Deadline for transferring entries from "Attending" to "Stay At Home" is March 28, 2018.

Enter puppy name and AKC # below, click "add to cart" to go to paypal for payment.

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Thank you for participating! E-mail with any questions!