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Club News
President’s Message . . .
You have in your possession a summary of changes to our Constitution from the Constitution Committee and you will find a copy in this Communiqué. Please discuss this with your members; we have a big job ahead of us to bring our Constitution up to NYS laws and AKC. It is evident that we need to change the way our Club does business, we all will need to work together to find the best ways to start this transition. There are a lot of discussions on how we should vote on board business.

I would ask during these discussions you try to find ways to start the transition to comply with the law and not what is the easiest in the short term. I would love to be able to vote by e-mail, but it is against the NYS law. This is not going to be easy, and we are not the first club that has had to change the way we do club business, but I am confident that we will be able to work together and get the job done. Thank you Jeff and your Committee on the work you are doing on this project.

The calendar is being shipped and has been a great success; I would like to thank Collie Expressions for getting it done in such a timely manner. I am told there are still Calendars available, please let your members know who to contact if they have not purchased there’s yet.

I sent the board a proposal from the Breeders Education Committee; they have worked very hard on this project, please consult with your members on this proposal and vote accordingly.

The Yearbook Editor and her Committee are busy getting the Yearbook ready for publication; here is a message from Michelle:

Attention CCA members! The 2014 CCA Yearbook site is up! Please take note of important items:

1. Due to the early National date, we have a Jan. 10 FIRM DEADLINE
2. By popular demand, HALF PAGE COLOR ads are being offered this year
3. We are offering a REDUCED full page color rate
4. All new WEBSITE and all new EMAIL ADDRESSES.

Editor: Michelle Esch-Brooks,

We have had a change of plans on the Seminar at Eukanuba this year. The Judges Committee has asked Lori Montero and Pam Durazzano to present the Collie Seminar this year.

Also included is a report from Darci Brown on the CCA Logo, I would like to thank Darci for all her hard work in getting this report for us.

I also would like to thank Kathy Moll and her Committee for their hard work on the Breeder of the year award.

I would again like to thank each of you for all the hard work you do for the CCA.

– Mike Van Tassell

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Molli Jason tops the rankings list through September with 16 Best Junior wins and 18 class wins for a total of 216 points.

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New from the PR Committee
The CCA Public Relations Committee has created new materials available for printing and distribution as handouts at breed outreach or promotional opportunities such as the AKC “Meet the Breeds” event, pet fairs or breed information tables at dog shows. Click here to view the list.

Windows to the past
Purchase CCA Yearbooks from 1979 to 2012 and American Collie Champions, Volumes 2, 3, 4, 6, 7. These collectibles are great historical sources and references. Download the order form.



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