Final 2013 Junior Rankings
01. Ryan Yaeger
02. Molli Jason
03. Keileigh Fleser
04. Rebecca Flood
05. Kathleen Hartig
06. Frances Flaim
07. Hannah Rawlings
08. Hannah Blake
09. Samantha Berg
10. Kimberly Brant

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Windows to the past
Purchase CCA Yearbooks from 1979 to 2012 and American Collie Champions, Volumes 2, 3, 4, 6, 7. These collectibles are great historical sources and references. Download the order form.

Club News
Read the latest Collie Club of America News in the February Communique.

A new Grand Versatility Award has been added to the CCA Versatility Awards program.  The details of this new award are contained in the requirements and application details.

Nominations for the Shining Star are being taken presently. This award is open to ANY COLLIE who works as a Service Dog, Therapy Dog, Education or Library Assistance Dog or has done any good deed(s) for his family or the community. The owner does not need to be a CCA member, nor does the dog need to be bred by a CCA member. There are many dogs who would qualify for these broad criteria and we would love to hear their stories. Application for the award is simple. Send the dog's story to us with a photo via e-mail to leslie@kingsvalleycollies.com



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