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President’s Message . . .
First I would like to thank the board for approving
all Committee Chairs and their Committee members.
In this month’s Communiqué there are many important items to be voted on. First we need to elect a new AKC Delegate. The constitution states the President will nominate one candidate. I nominated John Buddie, and one candidate was nominated from the board, Amy Gau. So we will be able to elect the new delegate this time. The board voted to continue with the newsletter which I completely agree with. The Editor needs some help, so if you have members that would like to serve the CCA please send me their names and I will forward them to Katie DelGrosso.

Darci has been in contact with Mary and they are working on a contract between her and the CCA; I hope Darci will have a report for the next communiqué. Next we need to vote on the Calendar. From the discussion it appears everyone wants to continue to produce a calendar.

The Committee Chairs and their members have a lot of work to do; please support them in any way you can. Hopefully Jeff and his Committee will have a rough draft soon on the Constitution.

As most of you know, Nic Patterson has turned himself in to the authorities. I understand within the next few days a decision will be made on releasing the Collies that he owned back to their breeders or co-owners let’s hope that the authorities will decide to release them soon. My message in the next Bulletin states: There are many lessons to be learned from this, please research the people who are buying your dogs, call the DD in their area, and ask members and 2 friends if they have any knowledge of the buyers. After the sell stay in touch with the new owners, check back from time to time, I think a follow up visit even 5 years later would be a good idea.

Please make your members aware of the upcoming articles and the Collie, being highlighted in Showsight Magazine. It should be out Mid-August until September. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the CCA and most important to the Collie. Please help your members, educate them, and help them to make the right decisions for our wonderful breed.

– Mike Van Tassell

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